Husband and wife team Jen and Marty Reyes set off on the quest to bring a tropical escape to Dallas in 2015. When the brick and mortar dream seemed too far out of reach, Marty came up with a plan to get Swizzle's name out there by doing Tiki pop-ups. The first was in May of 2016. They were delighted to meet other tikiphiles and guests who shared their passion for tropical cocktails and immersive experiences.


As the years went on, the search for a “home” grew and so did the pop-ups. The duo and their incredible team of talented bartenders, Joseph de Melo and Johnny Tightpants, started weekly pop-ups and large luau events. Soon the team started producing Dallas Tiki Week with the Dallas USBG and found an even wider tiki audience across the great state of Texas.


In 2019 their dream finally came true and they  found a place they could call home. Swizzle opened on Lower Greenville in November of 2020. 


From the food to the drinks, this mom and pop business offers hand crafted cocktails designed by its talented team of Swizzle-nauts and dishes all made from scratch with recipes passed down from Jen's Filipino family and originals invented by Marty’s own culinary know-how. Our take on the Polynesian flavor experience is unique and we hope it creates new and amazing memories with your friends and family. 


We invite you to escape the ordinary with us! 

Swizzle - Entry Way Barrel.jpg